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What is SeeYou?

SeeYou is a unique booking service which gives your customers the possibility to book your services online and automize daily routines.
SeeYou is made in Sweden but easily customized for local markets.

Round-the-clock time booking

Get more customers! Handy and easy to use booking page available 24/7. The customer won't need to download and install anything. SeeYou gets integrated into your website or works stand alone.

Your staff's best assistant

Easy-to-use and effective tools to work with scheduling, time searching, bookings, cancellations, reschedulings, etc will help to get rid of the "human factor" based mistakes.

SMS and e-mail notifications

Thanks to SMS and E-mail reminders, the system sends reminders at the proper time, so neither you nor your customers will forget about the booking. You will also know if the SMS was delivered or the e-mail was read.

Technologies increasing the revenue

With SeeYou you will get access to the newest technologies helping you earn more, getting at the same time loyal and satisfied customers, who feel your care and attention.

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SeeYou's features

With SeeYou you will get access to many powerful and easy-to-use tools.

Amazing flexibility

The system will adapt to the specifics of your business with its flexible settings.

Set up the appearance of the system according to your corporate style. Add the logo, pictures of the staff and your own texts.

Manage working time of every employee. Copy scheduled weeks for a certain hairdresser or everybody. Add in one click regular breaks (lunches, meetings).

Assign certain services to the proper hairdresser. The system will show to the customer only those hairdressers who can actually perform the selected service. Change price and duration of the service depending on hairdresser.

Allow the customer to cancel the booking not later than a specific time before the booked time.

Allow booking only at the specific time intervals (like every 15 or 30 minutes) or close to the existing bookings.

Your customers will get confirmation about the booking straight away by email and/or SMS, as well as the reminder about the upcoming booking at the fixed time or a relative time before the booking starts.

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